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Excellence in Care. Excellence in Recovery. Excellence in Prevention.

Let’s face it. If you don’t stay healthy, you won’t be playing. At Thorsen Chiropractic we know the value of performing your best, but we also understand the necessity of staying healthy. Our therapists are not only able to assist in training and enhancing performance capacities, but are also exceptional at managing the injury process, from the acute stages through full healing and proper remodeling phases.

Acute to Recovery Care

Treating an injury as quickly as possible (within the first 72 hours) can greatly improve recovery time. The first 72 hours of an injury is referred to as the inflammatory phase or acute phase.  The bruising and inflammation that occurs during this period often causes additional tissue damage. Treating the injury as soon as possible minimizes this additional damage. The therapies provided by our clinic help to guide the inflammatory process and quickly resolve swelling, bruising and pain. Tissue repair and remodeling occur after the acute phase and can be improved by certain therapies such as: Massage, Stretching, Ultrasound, Cold Laser, Taping, Nutritional Supplementation and Exercise Rehabilitation. Dr. Thorsen and Dr. Baker are qualified to evaluate and treat most common athletic strains, sprains, contusions and muscle/joint pain from overuse. The techniques they utilize help get athletes better faster so they can return to playing the sports they love. If needed, the doctors also work with local area orthopedists and physical therapist to ensure athletes receive the care they need to maximize their recovery. Dr. Thorsen and Dr. Baker also offer specialized performance enhancement training to help correct athletes muscle imbalances for injury prevention and increased sports performance capacity.

Practice The Way You Play

Exercise specificity is a key ingredient to rehabilitating an injury and augmenting performance. In fact, foundational philosophies of successful strength and conditioning programs include the SAID principle, or “specific adaptations to imposed demands”. In short, this physiological principle states that given stressors on the human system, whether biomechanical or neurological, produce specific and meaningful changes. Each patient receives individualized exercises that allow them to be active and perform functional, pain-free movements in their daily activities or sports endeavors.