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Our ultimate goal is to empower people to take control of their health.  We believe it is vitally important for patients to have an understanding and awareness of their bodies so they can make the best possible lifestyle choices. Our approach is to give patients the tools they need to improve their own health.

Thank you for checking out our website.  There are a number of patient educational materials provided on our site so please take some time to navigate through it, you will be happy you did. Please refer to the top menu bar to learn more about our doctors and staff, the conditions they treat, and the therapies they provide.  You can also type a subject or keyword into the search box to find the information you are looking for. 

We wish you the best of health!
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For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (541) 476-4010 or email us at thorchiro@gmail.com

"Observational study found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care."
-New England Journal of Medicine

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